Pre-Built and Custom

Garages & Playhouses

Custom Garages.  Choose your color.
Need more doors?  We can do it!

Custom accommodations are not a problem. We can make your garage in many variations of colors and sizes. Your garage will fit your home quite nicely.

A playhouse makes a great addition to any home caring for a young child. Kids love playhouses, and it will keep them occupied for hours. We offer playhouses for your home, so that your child will be happy, and you won't have to preoccupy them all day. We make sure the playhouse is built sturdily, ensuring your child's safety and wellbeing.
If you're looking to get a playhouse, call us!

Need a place to store your car? Contact us to see what we can do about getting you a garage. Don't leave your car unprotected anymore. A garage is a secure place to store your car so that no one can touch it. A garage can also be used for storage, so if your running out of room, then don't hesitate to ask us about your garage installation.

Handcrafted Quality