Pre-Built and Custom

Handcrafted Quality

​Your Amish Country Gazebo will be built to your specifications from hundreds of customizable options, including shingles styles, weathervanes, floorboards, stain color, and vinyl colors. We want you to have the gazebo of your dreams … whether it’s a garden gazebo, an outdoor gazebo, or a gazebo for any other purpose. These can offer many things during the hot days to come, a place that's cool and relaxing, a place you can relax during the night, and many more options!  


Our elegant looking, Custom-sized Gazebos will brighten up any backyard or plot of land.  We work hard to ensure that you enjoy quality service. Our Custom Gazebos are built to order.  Do you have specific needs for your gazebo that aren't available?  We can customize yours to accommodate for anything!  That's why our gazebos are top notch and specially built for each individual customer.  We put care into our hard work, and it pays off with a nice end result.

We offer a variety of different styles of gazebos for you to enjoy including Octagon, Oval and Rectangle.
    •    Traditional Wood
    •    Traditional Vinyl
    •    Painted
    •    Custom