Handcrafted Quality

Our Customized Sheds are built to be spacious.  Choose from a wide variety of styles and quality custom options.  All sheds come painted with double doors, two vents, two windows with shutters, 3/4" plywood floors, and 30-yr architectural shingle roof.

Sheds 8’ x 10’ or smaller include only one window with shutters.  Mini barns do not include windows.

We offer free local delivery of our fine wood and vinyl structures. Call us today for details on current inventory!


The Barn Style Storage Shed provides the classic barn-style look.  The High-Wall Barn comes standard with high walls, wide double doors, two windows with shutters and two gable vents.  High-Wall Barns offer the most upper storage of all our models.

The Mini-Barn is our "economy model."  This model has solid walls without windows protecting your stored item from prying eyes.  Perfect for your Harley!  Add custom options, accessories and colors to make this style Barn uniquely yours.

The A-Frame Shed got it's name because of it's similarity to the letter 'A.' These structures are sturdy and reliable. Due to their simplistic design, they are easier to maintain and they come at a lower price. This shed also doesn't take up too much room, so it can go virtually anywhere. It fits into almost all backyards, so your yard will be the envy of all of your neighbors.

If your on a low budget but still want a sturdy shed that fits with your home, or just want a simplistic design, then the A-Frame shed is just right for you!

Victorian Sheds are elegant as well as effective. They add a high class look to your home while maintaining it's functionality.  These unique sheds provide your home with class and provide more upper storage than other sheds.

These sheds are for people who are looking to keep a high image via their landscape, and have the change to spare for it.

All of our sheds are raised off the ground using attached pressure-treated 4X4 skids to avoid ground contact.

A Carriage House will give you extra style and much more headroom if you choose this unique looking shed. If you want more vertical space, or you want a second floor, this is a great option. If it's style you are after, a Carriage House might be just what you’re looking for.
These unique designs make the most of upstairs space, making them a practical solution for smaller yards that require a lot of storage space.  Call now for details!

Pre-Built and Custom